Reflections Along The Way

Coloring is a fulfilling way to relax, reflect and re-focus your energies through creative meditation, color therapy, and art therapy. It is a wonderful pastime at any age and is particularly good for adults who wish to combat stress and anxiety.

Coloring is also a great way to practice mindfulness. Getting into the habit of being mindful gives us more clarity to make better decisions and helps in our well-being. I have experienced immense moments of clarity and focus while coloring which is what prompted me to create The Art of Now – Color Me books to practice mindfulness. Each book in The Art of Now – Color Me series has been conceived to practice a certain attitude while coloring. 

Volume 1 – Let yourself go with mandalas is for practicing positivity by letting things go. Holding on to anything from the past is an enormous cause of anxiety.

Let Yourself Go

The Art of Now – Color Me (Volume 1)

Volume 2 – Stay focused with patterns is for practicing the art of concentration as this helps in any activity that we pursue in day-to-day life. 

Stay Focused

The Art of Now – Color Me (Volume 2)

Volume 3 – Limitless features more than 30 full-page abstract designs to remind us that our limits are only in our minds. 


The Art of Now – Color Me (Volume 3)

Volume 4 – Keeping it simple is for practicing simplicity and for reminding us of our power to choose.

Keeping It Simple

The Art of Now – Color Me (Volume 4)

Volume 5 – Get motivated is a compilation of 36 artworks with motivational and inspiring words. While coloring each page, you can reflect on what each of those words means to you and get motivated to set a higher ideal for yourself. 

Get Motivated

The Art of Now – Color Me (Volume 5)

Journaling has numerous benefits, the foremost of which is slowing down thoughts to give more clarity. The Coloring Journal in this series is designed to motivate us to journal while practicing mindfulness with coloring. It is also filled with numerous inspirational quotes for reflection.

Coloring Journal

The Art of Now – Color Me

My coloring process doesn’t include pre-planning. I spread art supplies around and take spur-of-the-moment decisions to choose the colors and how I want to color. You can choose to do it this way or any other way that works for you. Feel free to doodle and extend the artwork with your creativity on any page. You do not have to stick to being within the lines. Make the practice your own. Do not stress yourself to meet any expectations. There are various coloring supplies that you can choose from – like pens, crayons, colored pencils, sharpies, markers, paints, watercolors, gel pens, glitter pens, etc. The choice is entirely yours to explore, experiment, and grow.

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