Reflections Along The Way


Thanksliving is to feel grateful for everything that life has offered to us continuously. Every experience has led us to where we are currently.

All these experiences wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of nature’s phenomenal forces, community, friends, family, body, and mind.

Make it a practice to wake up with a grateful heart. End your day by writing a journal (physically or mentally) with whatever you were grateful for on that day.

We are unable to experience happiness in the present moment because we are constantly in pursuit of new desires. When it is part of our lifestyle to appreciate what we have, there is a certain calmness in the mind that comes from contentment. This conserves our energy from being dissipated with the constant urge to keep on fulfilling endless desires.

We have much to be grateful for in our lives. If we are not content with what we already have, what additional stuff can bring us happiness? While pursuing whatever goals we have set for ourselves, it is incredibly powerful to do that with an appreciation of what we already have.

It’s not just the pleasant experiences that we ought to be grateful for. In fact, the unpleasant experiences are what I am grateful for the most in hindsight. They took me out of my comfort zone to prompt me to ask some pertinent questions. 

The more grateful we are, the more blessings we receive in various forms. Our life shifts in a magical way when we approach with a feeling of gratitude for what we have already been blessed with. We demand less and give more. There is so much joy in that feeling.

Along with some awesome experiences, I went through some pretty challenging times in my life. The only prayer I have said is THANK YOU irrespective of the circumstances (happy/sad). I can vouch for how that simple prayer has blessed me with so much. 


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