Reflections Along The Way

Inviting Light

Wishing you and your family a joyous Deepavali. May your hearts and homes be filled with light forever.

This Deepavali, I’m inviting light by creating space to focus on what is more meaningful to me. 

Once in a while, it is wise to pause and ponder about what we are spending our time and efforts on.

Are the actions we are performing taking us towards or away from whatever goals we have set for ourselves? Are we seeing light or are we digging ourselves into a deeper and darker hole we have dug up unintentionally little by little? Are we having a clear mind to pursue what matters to us? Or are we consumed with following our habitual patterns with no time to reflect upon and work towards our goals?

When we clutter our homes, it’s difficult for us to find something that we need at any moment. Similarly, when we clutter our minds, there is no space for the light of our inner wisdom to guide our actions in the right way to make ourselves and others around us happy.

When I started Bluishmuse many years ago, it was with the intent to self-explore, learn, reflect and grow as a person. During this process, I started creating art and the natural consequence of it as I saw then was to share art in the form of products. Gradually it has taken me down a path that is taking too much time to maintain all the different entities that were created in the process. As I became immersed in the study of Vedanta, I realized how worthwhile it is to spend more time reflecting on what I’m studying and sharing those ideas. With that goal in mind, I’ve decided to take down the shop for now.

I am grateful for your support over the years and will continue serving you meaningfully by sharing art & reflections in the form of blog, books, and podcast.


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