Reflections Along The Way

What Is Mindful Art?

Art can be many different things to people based on how one views it. And like most things, everyone has their perspective on it.

Without having any formal education in this area whatsoever, it was a secret wish of mine right from childhood to be an artist. I never pursued it as that was not considered a career option growing up. Life took its course while I got busy with family, career, etc. As time went by, I was having some health issues and decided to take a break from work. While focusing on getting better, I started doodling just for fun. And during that process, a shift happened. I haven’t looked back since then.

For me, art has opened up channels that I didn’t know I was capable of accessing. It has the power to shift our attitude, change the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

And that is why I feel art is one of the most powerful tools to practice mindfulness. It naturally is very appealing as the various colors/shapes attract us to practice being in the moment effortlessly while creating art.

So, what is mindful art? When we create art without judgments/expectations, we get to a heightened level of awareness, a state of flow similar to a meditative experience. It enables us to focus better, see things more clearly as they are. The insights gained can be carried forward into the way we live our lives.


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